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Nilgiri Marten , The smallest carnivorous mammal with a slender body & beautiful brown coat. This secret and rare creature now live on Base Network

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About Us

Did you know that deep in the lush forests of southindia lives a secret creature, so rare that few have ever laid eyes on it? This creature is the Nilgiri Marten , a small carnivorous mammal with a slender body and beautiful brown coat. Elusive and reserved, it calls the Western Ghats
mountains home it’s slender body and bushy tail make it a natural acrobat, leaping from branch to branch as it hunts for prey. Birds , small mammals , and reptiles are on the menu for the Marten, which plays a vital role in the ecosystem by regulating populations of this species.

Secure and Safe

Nilgiri Marten $NMT is completely immutable and secured by the blockchain, due to its renounced contract and burned liquidity.

Powerful Narrative

The Nilgiri Marten is a rare and insufficiently studied Mustelid found in the Western Ghats, with a population of just 1000 individuals.


Phase 1

Foundation (Completed)

Token Creation: already completed this step, which is fantastic!.

Phase 2

Community Building (Ongoing)

Establish a strong presence on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Engage with potential users, answer questions, and build a community around NILGIRI MARTEN token.

Host contests or giveaways to incentivize community growth and spread awareness about token.

Phase 3


Creating a comprehensive launch announcement.

Public Listing:Listing token allows users to easily buy, sell, and trade.

Why Nilgiri Marten?

The Nilgiri Marten's story is a reminder of the importance of the biodiversity and the role each species plays in the grand tapestry of life.By preserving its habitat, not only ensure the survival of Nilgiri but also Protect the health of our planet.So, join the cause , and let's work together to protect and cherish the untamed beauty of the Nilgiri Marten..

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Nilgiri Marten

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